Input and feeder protection device (UVZF)

Shield UVZF (fig. 12004-100-00) is used as a part of UEP-U for electrical centralization(EC) from 16 shooters and provides:
  • connection of a three-phase feeder of external power supply and its protection against lightning and switching surges;
  • disconnection of the feeder with a knife switch with a visible break for the duration of the work;
  • remote emergency shutdown of the feeder;
  • electricity metering;
  • power quality control with the ability to transfer information to the STDM system and to its own control system UEP-U;
  • power supply of non-guaranteed loads of the post (module) electrical centralization.
Shield UVZF-DGA (fig. 12004-100-00-02) is used as part of UEP-U, when DGA is used for backup power supply EC, ABTC and provides:
  • connection of a three-phase feeder from the output of a diesel generator set (DGA) or a backup power plant;
  • DGA control (manual start, stop);
  • DGA status indication.