EXHAUST DEVICE (uv-12 -ххх)
The outlet device type UV replaces the special distribution ceiling fittings.
The outlet device includes a nozzle - atomizer. The jet of gas emerging from the nozzle is directed in a plane parallel to the ceiling and extends 360° relative to the nozzle. The design of the exhaust device (UV) ensures the release of GOTV within the standard time (up to 10 s).
The outlet device (UV) is used for individual application of MPG modules r. v. 65-хх-12.
The UV is a ready-to-mount product with a wall clamp and is available as standard.
Execution options for UV are presented in the table. UV can be used to protect premises where there are no isolated fire extinguishing zones and obstacles for the free propagation of a fire extinguishing gas jet. In large rooms where several fire extinguishing modules are required for extinguishing, it is desirable to arrange them evenly around the perimeter.
The connection of the UV with the module is carried out directly, without adapters.
The height of the UV must be selected taking into account the height of the module on which it will be installed. In the protected room, the UV nozzle must be located so that the distance from the nozzle to the ceiling of the room does not exceed 1.0 m.
It is necessary to make sure that the nozzle is higher than the equipment (cabinets, racks, racks, etc.) installed in the protected room.
UV should not be used in rooms where a multi-tiered arrangement of nozzles is possible. When installing the outlet device, it is necessary to comply with the requirements for ensuring its reliable fastening to the module and the wall.

Exhaust device type UV-12