UEP-U1-MAP power supply device


Board PVRM1-МАП (Drawing 12004-500-00-03) is a part of UEP-U1-MAP and is intended for power supply of crossing signaling equipment placed in MAP modules, when relay circuits are supplied with voltage =12V.
PVRM1-MAP provides uninterrupted power supply to crossing signaling devices with a voltage of 220V with a power of no more than 1500W and a voltage of 12V with a power of no more than 500W.
On the door of the PVRM1-MAP panel there are LED indicators showing:
  • feeders condition,
  • accident rate PVRM,
  • voltmeters measuring feeder voltage,
  • button to manually switch the power supply bypassing the inverter.
Shield PVRM1-MAP allows you to connect two single-phase feeders of external power sources to its inputs.

The switchboard PVRM1-MAP (drawing 12004-500-00-03.01) has the ability to supply loads with both 12V and 24V DC.