UEP-U1-9000T power supply device


The PVRM1-9000T (Dir. 12004-500-00-09) provides power to EC loads up to 9000W and has one uninterruptible power rail up to 9000W.
The operation of the PVRM1-9000T circuits is similar to the operation of the PVRM1-6000 circuits, except for the possibility of connecting:
third power input and DC bus voltage =48V;
three-phase feeders for power supply.
Shield PVRM1-9000T allows you to connect the supply voltage through the main inputs in various configurations:
  • single and three phase;
  • three phase and three phase;
  • single and single phase.

The stand-alone RSHT module with transformers reduces the heat load on the main cabinet. The SHAKB module allows you to increase the battery life of the device.