Power supply unit UEP-U1-6000


Shield PVRM1-6000 (Dir. 12004-500-00-01) provides power to EC loads up to 6000 W and has two independent uninterruptible power buses of 3000 W each.
Shield PVRM1-6000 contains:
  • automatic reserve switch-on scheme (AVR),
  • inverter bypass automatic circuit,
  • automatic switches,
  • display elements (LEDs, voltmeters),
  • voltage monitoring relay.

On the doors of the PVRM1-6000 panel there are:
  • LEDs indicating operation from feeders,
  • emergency lamp UEP-U1,
  • LED for monitoring circuit breakers operation,
  • voltmeters measuring feeder voltage and inverter output voltage,
  • buttons to manually switch the power supply bypassing the inverters.
The PVRM1-6000 switchboard is used in conjunction with the UAO emergency shutdown device.

Shield PVRM1-6000 allows you to connect two single-phase feeders of external power supply sources to its inputs.