UEP-U1-3000-MS power supply device


Shield PVRM1-3000-MS (Drawing 12004-500-00-02) contains:

  • scheme of automatic switching of the reserve (ATS),
  • inverter bypass circuit,
  • automatic switches,
  • indication elements (LEDs, ammeter, voltmeters),
  • voltage control relay.

Shield PVRM1-3000-MS is used in conjunction with emergency shutdown device UAO.

On the PVRM1-3000-MS door there are LED indicators showing:

  • feeders condition,
  • state (presence/absence of malfunction) UEP-U1,
  • control of operation of circuit breakers,
  • indication of the operating mode with the absence of a reserve of control circuits,
  • voltmeters measuring feeders voltage and inverter output voltage,
  • manual power switch button to bypass the inverter.

Shield PVRM1-3000-MS allows you to connect two single-phase feeders of external power supply sources to its inputs.