distribution panel modernized (PrM)

The PRM board (drawings 12004-400-00, 12004-400-00-02) is part of the power supply devices for relay automatic interlocks and GAC and provides:
  • power supply of loads of EC stations with the number of switches from 16 to 40;
  • power supply of EC loads: traffic lights, track circuits, pointer electric drives (DC and AC), guard circuits, control panel (lamp and LED) and others;
  • collection and transmission to the computer of the diagnostic system installed in the PVM board, information about the status of the devices located in the PRM board;

UEP-U-5 and UEP-U-15 devices use PVRM5 shields (Fig. 12004-270-00) PVRM (Fig. 12004-250-00), which contain the same devices and devices as in the PVM shields, PRM.