modernized distribution panel (PRM-E)

Shield PRM-E is included in the power supply devices for microprocessor centralization, arrows and signals MPTs-EL, RPTs-EL, MPTs EBILock 950 and provides:
  • Power supply for 12 V DC code transmitter relays;
  • Power supply for the control circuits of the arrows;
  • Power supply of the indication circuits on the control apparatus of the chipboard (Power supply of the lamp panel-board);
  • Power supply of traffic lights and route indicators;
  • Power supply RSH;
  • Power for AC switch arrow drives;
  • Power for DC switch arrow drives;
  • Power supply for LED display panel;
  • Possibility to connect ADN sensor (automatic day-night switch);
  • Powering the relay cabinets;
  • power supply of the coding circuit.

Depending on the version, PRM-E boards are designed for different loads and conditions of use:

Shield PRM-E

draw. 12004-400-00-05

to power the loads of microprocessor centralizations with a relay interface, as well as relay auto-locks, the ABTC-M system, located at the same EC post together with the MPC-EL

Shield PRM-E

draw. 12004-400-00-04

for powering loads of the MPC, provides connection of loads similar to the ShRP1 bus of the PVM-E shield. It is used when there are not enough supply poles of the PVM-E of the SHRP1 bus

Shield PRM-E

draw. 12004-400-00-07

to power loads of the MPC, when it is necessary to organize uninterrupted power supply to the MPC devices in the presence of existing power supply devices

Shield PRM-E

draw. 12004-400-00-08

to power loads ABTC-MSh. One PRM-E shield provides uninterrupted power supply to loads from its own battery reserve with a capacity of not more than 25 kW