The NPG-type nozzle is designed to form DHW flows at the outlet of the distribution network located in the plane of the ceiling or floor.
The nozzle is made of steel 20, stainless steel or brass. The nozzle is mounted on a welded sleeve, which is welded directly to the distribution pipeline. For testing pipelines, a plug is installed instead of a nozzle.

The nozzle is supplied ready for mounting. The technical characteristics of the nozzles are given in the table.
The sleeve for the welded nozzle (VNP) is designed to connect the ceiling gas nozzle (NPG) with the GOTV supply pipeline. The sleeve has a welded part on one side, and on the other side a thread for connecting the NPG.

Ceiling gas nozzle (NPG)

An example of designation when ordering:
NGP (m)-7.1-1414-(l), where:
NPG - nozzle name;
(m) - metric thread;
7.1 - nozzle cipher;
1414 - the area of the holes in the nozzle, mm2; (l) - symbol of the nozzle coating material.