Access Control System

The MR-805-5 access control module, hereinafter referred to as the "module", is designed to control access to residential and industrial premises, record time of passage and events.

The module is designed for round-the-clock continuous operation in heated and (or) cooled rooms without direct exposure to sunlight, precipitation, wind, sand and dust. The module works with readers that have the Wiegand output protocol.

Access control module (MR-805-5)

The module processes information coming from the access card reader, from the UPU status control sensor (door reed switch) and, based on the received data, generates control signals for the actuator (electromagnetic lock or electromechanical latch).

The module is integrated with PPKUOP devices of the Bars uk series via the RS-485 interface for receiving and processing fire alarm signals.

The module can work both autonomously and as part of the GuardEx network access control system. To work as part of the system, the module is equipped with an ETHERNET network interface.

The module allows you to organize a one-door access control mode. In this case, two readers are involved. The controller can work with readers for entry and exit, or only with a reader for entry and exit button.

When connecting readers to the entrance and exit, the latter are installed one on each side of the controlled door, which allows you to determine the direction of passage in the monitoring software;