The manifold as part of the mounting rack is attached to the rack frame. For individual use, the collector is attached to the wall using a wall collector (KKS) mount.
Collector wall mounting (KKS) is made in accordance with the outer diameter of the collector KG. The KKS delivery set consists of two fasteners. The scheme of fastening is shown in fig. 19-1. The collector must be mounted taking into account the requirements of the operational accompanying documentation (placement of the collector in height, placement of the collector fittings relative to the outlet openings of the MPG r.v. modules and taking into account the permissible bending radius of the HPR during installation and operation).

An example of designation when ordering:
Collector gas KKS KG 2-49, where:
-KKS - wall mounting of the collector.
-KG 2-49 - type of applied collector KG
Collector wall fastening (KKS)
Scheme of mounting the collector on the wall (KKS)