Address expander “Bars uk-ARU”

Bars uk-ARU controls various TS using the contacts of the built-in relay on command received from PPKP "Bars uk-5A" according to a given algorithm.

Address expander “Bars uk-ARU”

ARU power supply and information exchange is carried out via a four-wire communication line;

The maximum length of the communication line for connecting to APKP is 1000 m;

Supply voltage - from 8V to 27V DC;

The average current consumption in the operating mode is 0.7 mA (for example, power supply 12V);

Relay contacts parameters:

maximum power at direct current - 30W (1A / 30V; 0.46A / 65V);

maximum power at alternating current - 60VA (0.46A / 150V).

Operating temperature range: from -30 to +50°С, rel. ow. 95% at t ≤ 35C without moisture condensation.