Address expander "Bars uk-ARKT"

BARS uk-ARKT" is designed to measure the temperature at the place where the temperature sensor is installed and transfer the measured value to the PPKP "Bars uk-5A".

ARKT has one channel to work with an external temperature sensor.

The thermal sensor is supplied with ARKT.

Address expander "Bars uk-ARKT"

ARKT performs the following functions:

receiving and processing data from a thermal sensor;

transfer of code with own address and temperature value to ASPS;

control of the serviceability of the line for connecting the remote temperature sensor.

supply voltage ARKT - from 8V to 27V DC;

The average current consumption in the operating mode is 1.5 mA (for example, power supply 12V);

Technical readiness time - 30 sec;

The degree of protection of the ARKT shell corresponds to IP41 according to GOST 14254;

Operating temperature range ARKT (from minus 30 to +50°C, 95% rel. humidity at t ≤ 35C without moisture condensation);

Range of measured temperatures (remote sensor), °C - from 0 to +150°С;