Address Extender «BARS UK AR»

Bars uk-AR functions:

reception of electrical signals from fire and security detectors or others TS;

periodic measurement of the magnitude of the electrical signal;

translation into a digital code and transmission of a code with its own address and information about the magnitude of the measured electrical signal to the PPKP "Bars uk-5A".

Address Extender «Bars uk-AR»

The power supply of the AR and the exchange of information is carried out via a four-wire communication line;

The maximum length of the communication line for connecting AR to PPKP is 1000 m;

The maximum length of the detector connection line is 9 m.

Maximum number of connected PI - 2 pcs.;

Maximum number of connected OI - 2 pcs.;

Supply voltage - from 8V to 27V DC;

Average current consumption in operating mode - 0.3 mA (at 12V supply voltage);

Operating temperature range (from minus 30 to +50°С, relative humidity 95% at t ≤ 35C without moisture condensation);