Control panel and security and fire control device "BARS uk 7-8"

PPKUOP "BARS uk 7-8" receives signals from fire detectors, monitors the health of the elements of the alarm system, and also allows automatic control of the launch of gas, powder or aerosol fire extinguishing (PT) installations. It has one extinguishing direction and eight PT start circuits. Each starting circuit has open and overload monitoring. The delay time between successive start pulses can be selected. Start voltage PT 24V. Voltage in all loops 24V. The definition of the "Fire" signal occurs by the operation of two fire detectors in the first or second loop.

It is possible to organize the operation of the device in the mode with two fire loops or with one fire and one security loop. The security loop has an arming/disarming function and adjustable arming/disarming delays. Keys of the Touch Memory standard can be used as a device for arming/disarming a security loop.
PPKUOP has the function of remote monitoring and control via RS-485.

Control panel and security and fire control device "BARS uk 7-8"
"BARS uk 7-8" is designed for:

•protection of one fire extinguishing zone;
•control of fire extinguishing installations (UP) of gas, powder or aerosol types in automatic, remote and local modes.

•works as a security alarm.